Samsung Fonblet Rumors: Strange Name for Android Smartphone

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New 2013 Android smartphone rumors are popping up online, and it looks like Samsung is working on a new handset for the European market–the Samsung Fonblet. Release date information for the new handset is unclear since Samsung has not even confirmed the device yet. However what is gaining the most attention is the gadget’s name.

One recent article speculates the name may be a combination of tablet and phone–similar to phablet–since the smartphone reportedly has a large screen. The article quotes one blogger as saying “Fonblet? This is a joke, right? Please?”

Rumors about the Fonblet say the gadget “will come in white and run some version of Android Jelly Bean.” Additional speculation says the device “will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Player, which only launched in South Korea.”

If the Samsung Fonblet is in the works, will Samsung change the name? Perhaps if the phone has really good specs, no one will care what the company names it.

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