Samuel L. Jackson Sings Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ (Video)

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Every Taylor Swift fan knows that she’s the queen of heartache. Each time she breaks up with a man, which is quite often, she writes another song about it. Many a young girl has sat by her iPod listening to Taylor let her ex boyfriend have it. But a woman would sit by her iPod listening to Samuel L. Jackson sing the song.

Yes, Samuel L. Jackson, known for acting in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and in Tarantino’s newest flick “Django Unchained,” not to mention hundreds of other movies. Jackson doesn’t actually sing the song but his rendition of it is very convincing.

Zap2It reports that Sam performed the song for London’s 95.8 Capital FM radio station and he most definitely gives Swift a run for her money.

Jackson might recite the words but whomever he might be singing it to will not only get the message loud and clear but will believe every word especially when he adlibs. He calls the man Swift is singing to a “lying, cheating piece of sh**.” Well, that’s a good enough translation of what Swift was probably thinking when she wrote the lyrics.

Sam Jackson has a great, sexy, voice not to mention a very scary one when he wants it to be. Fans should listen to him narrate his “children’s book,” “Go The F**k To Sleep.” Sounds like a children’s book that’s geared more for adults.

While everyone is hunting around for Sam’s children’s book listen to how he “sings” Taylor Swift’s song. Which version is better, Taylor’s or Sam’s?

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