San Francisco Enacts Happy Meal Ban

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San Francisco makes history with the so-called “Happy Meal ban.”   But McDonald’s and some kids might not be so pleased with the decision.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors said toys could no longer be used as bait to get kids to buy fatty, unhealthy food.  Getting tough with childhood obesity, the city of San Francisco says meals with too much fat, too much salt and no fruits or veggies can not include a toy.

McDonald’s is crying “no fair,”  saying the ordinance infringes on parents’ rights to choose to make unhealthy decisions for their kids.  Kids are crying “no fair,”  because they won’t get to collect their little Shrek and Toy Story figurines and action figures with their McNuggets, fries and soda.  As a matter of fact, with the Happy Meal ban, they might not even want McNuggets anymore.  They might as well just stay home and eat.  They might as well just get their action figures some other way.

That’s just what McDonald’s is afraid of.  Their probably even more afraid that other cities might get the same idea to ban Happy Meals.  And there goes their Pied Piper-like hold on America’s children.

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