Sand Sculpting at Siesta Beach

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It was just luck to be at Florida’s famous white sand Siesta Beach on the day of their annual Sand Sculpting event. The sand, and weather, were just perfect.

Participants are assigned a small area for their project, and entered by age and theme. Each category is judged to win prizes. There was quite the variety by all.

Entrants start at 8-9am with a flat surface. It will take an hour or more just to use your shovel and dig up the pile of sand needed for the project, making sure your mound is properly packed and wet.


Using painstaking precision with a variety of tools and equipment, shapes and designs begin to emerge. I didn’t capture them all, but here are some of the interesting results.

A beach always envisons a shark, this one after Mr. M&M.


A cleverly crafted Mayan Temple.


This castle was the tallest of the sculptures.


This mountain hideaway was unique because you could see through the windows all around. It must have been work to hollow out the inside.


Even Dumbo takes a break.


Thanks, sculptors of all ages, for bringing your talent to the beach. They were all incredible works of art.

And thank you for stopping by today to view them.




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