Sandra Bernhard Calls Kathy Griffin’s Comedy ‘Stupid’

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Kathy Griffin has a lot of fans, but apparently Sandra Bernhard isn’t one of them. She’s on record calling Kathy’s comedy “stupid” because she doesn’t really make jokes in her celeb-obsessed observational humor.

Not like Bernhard anyway, who arguably paved the way for Kathy Griffin to poke naughty fun at some of the biggest stars in the firmament. 20 years ago Sandra Bernhard was the Queen of Mean when it came to less than A-List celebrities.

“Every time she sees me, she hides” snipes Bernhard. “If I saw her, I would tell her to find a new angle. Just to say someone is stupid, that’s not crafting an idea. I think things through. I absorb culture and put it out in layers.”

Wait… what? Layers?

First of all, why would Kathy Griffin hide from Sandra Bernhard? She’s much too busy hiding from Oprah and Kris Jenner. Secondly, how long has it been since Bernhard won an Emmy, had a monthly special on Bravo or hosted her own show?

Sounds like some very sour grapes. But, it’s bound to happen. There’s only room for one at the top of the lemon tree, and right now, Kathy Griffin is it.

What do you think? Is Kathy Griffin’s comedy stupid? Or is Sandra Bernhard burning up with jealousy?

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