Sandra Bullock: “Baby No. 2 On the Way!” Crows InTouch Weekly

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“Sandra’s New Secret” teases the cover of the new InTouch Weekly (because celebrity secrets tend to stay secret when splashed on the cover of a gossip rag). You said what, now? Has Jesse James been let back into her good graces? If not, then how could a notoriously single celebrity have a second child coming so soon on the heels of her first one?

Welllll…despite the difficulties most single parents would have in adopting, such things tend to go a bit easier for celebrities, you see. Oh, and also? She doesn’t really have a baby on the way — at least not yet. Instead, the InTouch story is about how she’s supposedly telling friends how she’s ready to adopt again. An adoption agency has allegedly already approved her (having seen the great job she did in The Blind Side, I guess) and now she’s “waiting for the call.”

The “report,” if you can call it that, goes on to say she’ll take any ethnicity and sex, although she “wants to give Louis a baby sister.” So, adoption agencies in Haiti and Nigeria, try to read between the lines there, m’kay?

The rag’s cover also promises Kate Hudson’s explanation “How I Got These Abs” (wild guess: Personal trainer?) and “Katie & Tom: Showdown with Her Ex.” That wouldn’t be referring to Miz Holmes’ movie career, would it?


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