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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were the talk of celebrity sighting reports after he rode his motorcycle to her Hollywood home. The two star celebs have been fighting off rumors that they are dating, but doing it poorly. Why? Because the paparazzi keeps catching the two hanging out and doing exactly what a single mom dating a new guy ought to be doing — spending quality time together at home and on casual outings with the baby. What that ultimately translates to is that the celebrity friends might not realize it yet, but what they are doing is called casual dating.

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

The beloved actress has always been America’s sweetheart. When she married reality television star Jesse James back in the day, people worried she had found love with an untrustworthy person. Those instinctive fears were validated when a tattoo model sold the story of her affair to the press. Then, women predominantly employed in the sex trade, came out of the woodwork with stories of his infidelity — emotionally devastating Sandy.

After her Oscar win and the shocking news of his deep betrayal, Bullock confirmed she was getting a divorce and surprised the world with the news the Blindside actress had adopted a baby boy named Louis.

At that time, she and The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds had each purchased a home in New Orleans (but he was still married to Scarlett Johannson). When the Green Lantern star and his wife broke up and Sandy’s divorce was final, celebs gossip reports emerged putting the two together as a romantic couple.

Bullock and Reynolds denied romantic involvement, pointing out they had been close friends for more than 10 years. Bullock made a special appearance at his Change Up premiere this summer.

Ryan reynolds-2Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock casually dating?

While dating as a single mom might not be as flashy as it was when she was a single woman — what Sandy is doing now with Ryan (whether she realizes it or not) is called casual dating.

Celebuzz reports, “Just the other week, Ryan was photographed carrying baby Louis while on a hike with Sandra in Wyoming. They also shared dinner together during their trip with a few friends.”

Now they shared photos of Ryan Reynolds taking his motorcycle out over the weekend where, “he headed straight to good friend Sandra Bullock’s home in Hollywood.”

Will the two star celebs wise up and finally hook up in a long-term romantic relationship, one based on a foundation of trust and friendship rather than strictly a physical attraction?

Since Jesse James is still professing his love for Kat Von D and Scarlett Johansson seems to be less than reliable as a mate for the Green Lantern hottie due to her on-again off-again affair with actor Sean Penn, one can only hope for the best for both celebrity mom Sandy and baby Louis as they learn how to be a family (with or without a baby daddy).

For these reasons, despite continuing star celebs denials that anything romantic is going on, fans continue to urge Sandra Bullock to keep her heart open. Even if the “friendship” does not go anywhere romantically, the simple act of spending time with a person of the opposite sex or who is a potential long-term love interest is typically quite healing when learning to live alone again after a painful breakup.

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