Sandra Bullock Divorce – There Is Good News Here – A Prenup!

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Yes, there is some kind of silver lining to all of this mess in Sandra Bullock’s life at the moment. Yesterday, news of her hiring a lawyer to divorce Jesse James spread through the Internet. The news was later denied by her representative.

However, it looks like no matter when it happens, a divorce with this couple will happen. He had an affair on Sandra, and it looks like he might have cheated again when he cheated on Michelle Bombshell McGee too. He seemed like such a nice guy, and we all saw Sandra thank him during her Oscar acceptance speech. Click that link to see that!

However, a source has revealed to E! News that the couple had a prenuptial agreement put in place before they married in 2005. Their money was kept separate, so she has hers and he has his. This is a relief! They kept both their properties and earnings separate.

The house they shared in Orange Country belongs to him, and that might explain why she quickly moved out last week. She is completely self sufficent, and the actress has not taken one dime of his earnings.

So a small silver lining. It is something right? What do you think of the on-going developments in this saga?

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