Sandra Bullock either marrying Ryan Reynolds or ‘crushed’

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Depending on who you believe, Sandra Bullock is either about to marry Ryan Reynolds or hurt that he still carries a torch for ex-wife Scarlett Johansson.

Star’s cover story this week — and it’s Star, so take it with a boulder of salt — claims that the pair will marry in an intimate ceremony at Sandra’s Austin home and serve BBQ from her favorite restaurant.

“Ryan told her he was ready to tie the knot whenever she wants,” a “source” tells Star. “And after seeing how quickly she’s bonded with baby Louis, she decided she’s ready to pull the trigger, too. So they started discussing the logistics of pulling off a low-key, barefoot wedding that would reflect their laid-back lifestyle.”

But The National Enquirer claims that far from being ready to wed, Sandra is “crushed” that Ryan was eager to support his ex-wife following her nude photo scandal.

Ryan is “completely consumed with consoling Scarlett, and that’s left Sandy feeling like the odd girl out,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “She’s hurt and out­raged that Ryan would throw her over for Scarlett.”

Adding insult to injury, depending on which report you believe, “Ryan has been look­ing for a way to return to Scarlett, and he’s using her misfortune to get back in her good graces,” the bitter-sounding source tells The Enquirer.

It’s doubtful either Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds is in a rush to marry again following their respective divorces. And Ryan has especially seemed to like being single, being linked to German model Agnes Fischer, Charlize Theron and Olivia Wilde since splitting from ScarJo in December. If one of these reports is true, it’s probably The Enquirer‘s, because Ryan never seemed like he wanted the divorce in the first place. But Sandra and Ryan have always claimed to be just friends, so there’s a good chance both magazines are wrong.

What do you think? Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds getting married? Is she sad that he’s hung up on his ex-wife? And how funny was “The Proposal” (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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