Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce And Reveals Secret Adopted Son

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James camp. Today news broke, courtesy of People Magazine that Sandra has indeed filed for divorce and that she and Jessie had secretly adopted a son back in January!

The plan had been to have the adoption announced after the awards, but instead her husband’s repeated infidelity was announced. Reports are saying that Jessie has no parental rights to this son, and that Sandra will raise him herself. Could this be the secret that she was holding off on the divorce for? Was this what she didn’t want to get out into the public? Perhaps it was, after all, can you imagine the stress of the divorce and being in the paparazzi’s eyes while protecting your new son?

The three and a half month old boy is named Louis and was adopted from New Orleans.

I think it’s wonderful that she kept the news quiet until the divorce was final, and that it’s great that she opened her home and heart to this child. Of course there are those that disagree and are angry that stars adopt children and that he’s black and she’s not. to that I say who cares? Stars can give children very good homes and love, isn’t that what a child needs? As for him being black, really, haven’t we grow to be a nation that doesn’t focus on petty things as skin color? I guess not.

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