Sandra Bullock files for divorce despite Jesse James in rehab

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The news of Jesse James in rehab wasn’t enough to keep his Award-winning wife by his side.  The latest news that Sandra Bullock files for divorce may be a shock to Jesse James, but not most people who have been following their fiasco.  According to the New York Post, a source close to the couple said Bullock simply had enough.  The Blind Side-d actress left the home the couple shared on Monday with no plans to return.

The Sandra Bullock divorce news comes about a month after Bullock and Jesse James were seen sitting side-by-side in the audience at the Oscar Awards show.  As Bullock won the Best Actress award, James offered some words to her, which probably have a lot less meaning now.  About a week after the big first Oscar win by Bullock, the news that Michelle Bombshell McGee was reporting an 11-month long affair came out.  Bullock was notified by her publicist of the news and left the couple’s home.  Following that news, the story became strangely similar to the whole Tiger and Elin story, when several more Jesse James mistresses came to light.  At this time, there’s at least five, with a few who have decided not to reveal their identities.

Reportedly, when the other woman, Michelle McGee, saw James and Bullock sitting together at the Oscars she decided to go public, claiming she thought James and Bullock weren’t serious.  Jesse James made an apology for his adultery, but it was not enough for Sandra Bullock.  He pulled a similar move to Tiger Woods by entering some sort of rehab treatment.  It is unknown just what sort of rehab Jesse James went for, but it seems too little to make amends with Sandra at this point.

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