Sandra Bullock Jesse James Divorce: Police Called to Bullock James Residence! [PHOTO]

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During the Sandra Bullock Jesse James divorce over Michelle Bombshell McGee, the police were called to the residence of Bullock and James on Saturday. The split or divorce has occurred over Michelle Bombshell McGee claiming that she had an 11 month affair with the Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James.

The affair was said to have been an 11 month affair, while 5 weeks of the affair was sexual. The news broke that McGee had reported the affair to the media; however, it was noted that on Monday, Sandra Bullock had moved out of the family home on Monday before Michelle McGee laid out her bombshell before the world.

Jesse James has made a slight apology to the public, his wife and children, but has not readily admitted to the affair. Jesse James has only admitted to having behaved badly and hurting his family. He hopes his family will forgive him for Blindsiding them. The alleged affair took place while his wife, Sandra Bullock was filming The award winning Blind Side. Jesse James has been spotted around town still sporting his wedding ring in hopes of reconciliation with his wife.

Now that you are updated on the story. Here is what is new in the Sandra Bullock Jesse James divorce. The police have been called to the residence of Bullock and James. Apparently the media has been swarming the home of the Bullock and James residence in hopes of getting a tidbit of news on the high profile couple. A neighbor called the police to the residence in hopes of getting rid of the media.

But when the police arrived they saw that the approximately 20 media professionals were legally parked in a public parking lot and breaking no laws. I have no doubt it is excruciatingly annoying to live so close to high profile celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.


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