Sandra Bullock leaves husband Jesse James

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Tattooed model claims affair with Sandra Bullock husbandWow! Right after she won the Oscar for best leading actress Sandra Bullock has left her family home. According to In Touch magazine Bullock’s husband Jesse James had been having an affair with a model whose body is full of tattoos, for almost a year.

Michelle McGee said she and James began having an affair during Sandra’s filming of “The Blind Side”. She said James contacted her after she inquired about a modeling position for a television show and asked her if she wanted to hang out. A week later McGee said she met James at his home in L.A.

While sitting on the couch McGee said James led her to believe that he and Sandra was separated because he told her Sandra didn’t live there.

“She has a house in Austin. She is filming and I can’t talk about it.” James told McGee

McGee revealed to In Touch magazine that she and James had sex several times that night and they continued to have sex thereafter

As of Thursday it was said that Bullock moved out of their California home, but according to an unknown source she moved out beforehand.

Bullock and James have been married for a little over 5 years. James however had been married twice before marrying Bullock, once to a porn star. James and Bullock do not have any children together, but James has three children from two previous relationships. 

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