Sandra Bullock Looking to Get Back with Jesse James, Says Report

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Now that Sandra Bullock finally got around to filing for divorce from Jesse James, she’s taken the next logical step and begun to consider a reconciliation with the biker/personality/serial Nazi-fixated adulterer.

At least that’s the case according to Life & Style magazine, which is featuring “Why Sandra Is Taking Jesse Back” as the headline of its new issue, per website PopEater.

So why is Sandra taking Jesse back? The children! “Sandra will never fully get over the way Jesse betrayed her,” a remarkably well-spoken “insider” tells the magazine. “But he did give her the family she’s always wanted. And because of that, she’s able to forgive him.”

The children in question are James’ three kids, Sunny, Chandler and Jesse Jr., whose mother, Janine Lindemulder, lost a custody battle with Jesse Sr. The elder James is moving with the kids to Austin, ostensibly to be closer to Bullock and her recently adopted child, Louis Bardot.

For her part, Lindemulder is quoted as saying that Jesse and Sandy “want to exclude” her, and that Jesse “will do anything to get back in [Sandy’s] good graces.” Obviously, since he’s willing to move to Austin! Zing!

Life & Style also quotes a source as saying: “[Sandy’s] heart is open to him again.”



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