She came dressed in a statuesque golden gown that seemed destined for the archives of Oscar history. And, being dressed like a tall golden Oscar herself, one might have assumed that Sandra Bullock knew that she was going to win the Oscar for Best Actress last night. But it is her acceptance speech, heartfelt and heartwrenching, that will be remembered long after her fashionable garb or the way her usually scrubby husband has cleaned up so nicely during awards season.

Bullock had a banner year with THE BLIND SIDE, for which she won the award, as well as the $200M-plus earning THE PROPOSAL did, and she has certainly had a long and successful career in commercial moviemaking. With the good lucks of a classic All-American girl and the charm to go with it, Bullock has been blessed with brains, talent and all the physical attributes that steer one towards Hollywood royalty. And now she has an Oscar, too.

Do you think it’s too magnanimous to say that her speech was moving? Do you get tired of Hollywood stars being emotional over awards? If you do, then you don’t understand the history accorded to winning such honors–winning an Oscar is like being President. You never lose the title. Good luck, Sandra! Let’s hope that this award leads you to brighter horizons in moviemaking (but not ever starring with Matt Damon ever again!)

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