Sandwich of the Day ~ Hot Open Faced Meatloaf

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Sandwich of the Day ~ Hot Open Faced Meatloaf

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Meat Loaf

National Sandwich Month 2008 ~ Day Eighteen!

We here at Because of all the Sandwiches There strive to bring you all the most relevant and up to date sandwich news so I plan to tell you about at least one of my favorite sandwiches every day in August. I know, I know. It’s a lot, but variety is the spice of life!

Today I share one of my favorites for any meal, comes with a lot of fond childhood memories.

Hot Open-Faced Meatloaf

I’m always thinking about sandwiches (I usually eat at least one per day). When I was a little girl, gasoline was cheap and our family often went on a Sunday drive. One of my favorite destinations was on the other side of the Cascade Mountains in Eugene, Oregon. There was a drive-in restaurant that served diner style food to the cars. We each got a tray with a real china plate, silverware and a glass tumbler full of milk. One the menu items I often requested was a hot open-faced meatloaf sandwich. Back then it came on white bread and had a heavy brown gravy. I use whole grain bread now or seeded breads for better nutrition and a lighter tomato based gravy. It is still yummy and feels great on a rainy Sunday afternoon like yesterday.

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