Sandy Hook Gunman Adam Lanza’s Body Claimed From Coroner

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Sandy Hook Elementary school remains closed after the massacre on December 14, 2012. This is all because of gunman Adam Lanza. After the memorials have been cleared and surviving children have headed back to school, the gunman’s body still remained unclaimed at the morgue.

That was until a few days ago. Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne H. Carver II stated that the remains of the 20-year-old were finally claimed by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.

No further information has been released on a burial or who in fact claimed the remains. His mother Nancy Lanza was buried earlier this month at a private service.

Anyone responsible to complete this task is surely conflicted. Lanza killed 20 helpless children and 7 adults, one who was his mother. Does a human who commits such a horrific act deserve a burial?

While most do not care what happens to Adam Lanza, the reality is that something must happen with his remains. Would being buried next to a murderer be an issue? Most likely one would never know as whatever is done with his remains will be done is secrecy. One thing is certain, Sandy Hook Elementary will never be the same.

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