Sandy Hook Massacre Prosecutor Supressing Details Until Summer

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The prosecutor reviewing the Adam Lanza massacre in Sandy Hook, may not reveal what he knows about the tragic shooting until June.

Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky was able to convince a judge to seal all documents related to the incident, including everything about Lanza’s mental health history. This is all very strange. Sedensky, who lives in Newtown by the way, said it may be several months until police finish their probe.

Huh? Several months? That’s ridiculous. If Lanza was the sole shooter, which is what the authorities are saying, this investigation should have been wrapped up weeks ago. If you lived in Newtown, or had children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School, wouldn’t you demand answers immediately?

“Our estimate is it will take several months for state police portion of criminal investigation to complete. We’re hoping for sometime this summer … possibly June,” the prosecutor stated.

Meanwhile, the Sandy Hook grade school remains shuttered as a crime scene, and the children are attending classes in a neighboring community. It’s been clear from Day One, that anti-Second Amendment activists are seizing on this tragedy to push their agenda. What’s more, scant attention has been afforded to the possible role of psychiatric drugs in the Sandy Hook incident. Was Adam Lanza prescribed psychotropic medications? If he was, had he stopped taking them? Well, you’ll have to wait until June to find out.

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