Sandy Hook Memorial Page Planning Green and White Day

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The Pray for Sandy Hook Elementary School memorial Facebook page is asking everyone to wear green and white on Monday to show respect for the victims of the massacre that occurred on Friday. Green and white are the school’s colors. Everyone is invited to not only participate in wearing the colors but also to post pictures to show solidarity with the mourners of Newtown, Connecticut.

The memorial page was quickly set up on Friday as a way for the world to share in the grief that is being felt by so many. The green and white announcement was made Sunday and word is quickly spreading. With over 60,000 likes on the page, the sharing of thoughts and prayers has been overwhelming. While wearing green and white will not bring back the numerous victims, it will provide something everyone can actively do when doing something is so necessary.

Will you be wearing green and white on Monday? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: Pray for Sandy Hook Elementary School

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