Sandy Hook Mourners Victimized a Second Time While at Church, Forced to Evacuate

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More than 400 Sandy Hook mourners were dealt another trauma when they were forced to evacuate the Newton church they gathered in on Sunday afternoon. The St. Rose of Lima church received a threat which prompted state police to abruptly evacuate attendees at 12:30 this afternoon. When will the horror end for these people?

According to a news report, Monsignor Robert Weiss explained, “Someone called and threatened the church. State police said we needed to evacuate everyone.” Can you imagine the terror those poor children and the parents were forced to deal with a second time in a matter of days? What kind of evil person is stalking these folks?

Police toting guns stormed the church and cordoned it off as grieving community members once again clutched their loved ones close. Children who are still suffering from the Sandy Hook tragedy a few days ago were left crying and clutching their parents. Only a very sick individual would get pleasure out of torturing these poor families.

Enough is enough. Let these children heal already. These repeated offenses against innocent victims is unfathomable. Is nowhere safe? You can’t feel safe worshiping, going to school or work or even shopping anymore. It is a sad, sad world. Will you change your habits in light of what has happened?

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