Sandy Hook Shooting: Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket

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The Westboro Baptist Church has a way of showing up in places where they aren’t welcome. They are most noted for picketing military funerals, carrying offensively worded signs. However, they have decided to stoop to a new low and are now planning on picketing the funerals of the innocent children who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook elementary shooting.

The tweet was put out by one of the groups members, informing everyone that they plan on singing “praise to God,” for the massacre. As can be imagined, the people of Connecticut (and the public in general) were not thrilled to hear about this. In retaliation, there are folks who are planning to form a barrier of sorts by lining the streets so that the church will have no room to protest.

Of course, the church doesn’t always picket every funeral that they say they will. Sometimes, they simply put the word out to get people heated and this certainly has people upset. While the Westboro Baptist Church does have the right to protest things that they may not agree with, some have to wonder why they are choosing the funerals of these children. There are many people hurting over this senseless tragedy and the church’s presence would only make it worse.

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