Sandy Hook Victims Get Names and Faces

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The Sandy Hook tragedy is horrific, but without faces to put to those lost, it was a little easier to distance oneself from the tragedy. As expected, the faces of those innocent victims are becoming public and once again, the heartbreak is nearly unbearable.

It is one thing to hear about such atrocities, but now, seeing the faces of those babies really brings it home. The names of the victims are slowly being released as the parents dealing with the unimaginable begin the very long, slow process to recovery. Neighbors and friends of the grieving families are in shock. The entire world is in shock.

Beautiful little Ana Marquez-Greene was just seven when she was murdered in cold blood. Little Jesse Heslin, was six, and ecstatic to go to school on Friday to make gingerbread houses reports his father. His dad shares the last moments he had with his son, and says his little boy “happily” went to school.

How could anybody do this to the most innocent and undeserving people in the world? Jesse’s dad expresses his anger at the man responsible, “The way he died — by killing himself like that — was too good. It was just a cowardly way.”

After the grim process of identifying his son’s body, Hesslin couldn’t go home. Can you imagine returning home without your child? Seeing the empty bed, the scattered toys, the dirty laundry? This is such a heart-wrenching story. The parents left dealing with something no parent should ever have to is unfathomable.

Over the next several days, more names will be put to the faces of the Sandy Hook catastrophe as the world mourns with the families suffering one of the greatest losses.

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