Sandy Latest: Non-Union Utility Workers Rejected in New Jersey

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New Jersey work crews are sending home non-union utility experts from Alabama, who drove up north to lend a hand for the Hurricane Sandy cleanup.

It’s heartbreaking to witness the suffering of the people in New Jersey, as well as the other states in the northeast, because of the massive super storm earlier this week. Every effort should be made to get these residents back on their feet, and assist businesses in opening their doors again. Think of all the money being wasted, for every hour the economy in New Jersey is hobbled.

It’s unconscionable the Alabama technicians are being told to go home. This is highly specialized work, and New Jersey needs all the help it can get. Crews from Decatur Utilities drove 1,000 miles to help with the Hurricane Sandy disaster, but were notified when they arrived this week, they had to leave because they lacked union cards. Obviously, the unions don’t care about their customers.

Residents of the state should be outraged by this moronic decision. They’ve been without power since Sandy first hit, and now they are going to be in the dark even longer, because their state is run by thugs. The good news is that New York is welcoming any crews with this type of expertise, so they’re probably going to be reassigned to Long Island.

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