Sandy’s Wake: NYC Hotel Rejects Marathoners, Keeps Evacuees

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Mayor Bloomberg is moving forward with his asinine plan to hold the New York City Marathon in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Yet, one Staten Island hotel is turning away runners, and is instead giving the rooms to hurricane victims.

Long-distance runners are coming from all over the globe Sunday, and some secured reservations months in advance. However, a Hilton on Staten Island, is telling them to find accommodations somewhere else.

“How do I tell people that have no place to go, that have no home, that have no heat, that you have to leave, because I need to make room for somebody that wants to run the marathon?” said hotelier Richard Nicotra.

How can you argue with this man? Sure, these athletes have trained countless hours for the NYC marathon, and for some, it’s even the source of their livelihoods. Nevertheless, people on Staten Island are hurting immensely due to Hurricane Sandy, and their healthy and safety must always trump a sporting event.

File:New York marathon Verrazano bridge.jpgThe bottom line is, Michael Bloomberg needs to call off the marathon. This fellow is completely of touch with ordinary people. He’s more obsessed with Big Gulps, and salt in restaurants, than with the serious issues facing residents. And now, Bloomberg won’t even cancel a road race because of Hurricane Sandy.

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