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what carnal knowledge

has the sun

to make passion rise

like thick, rich cream

to the surface of your skin

from the depths of you

safe – secreted away

your flesh willed alive

there’s naught a breeze

no soothing balm to sate

this need you feel


the sun brews beads

of perspiration

on your brow

conjoined, sweat rills

you sense the tickle

as they trickle

down skin so willing

betwixt your breasts

your blouse too thin

to hide their thrilling

he sees and smiles

and knows you watch

brazenly behind dark shades

sangria, as if magic, appears

at your fingertips

claret and cold

fruit suckled sweet and bold

by lips that burn


lifts his glass

as sweaty as your skin

to toast your sultry stare

imbuing blush

to sun-kissed flush

as you dream

a different heat


This poem inspired by Michele’s earlier poem, “Love Notes, 4″. She has such a delicate voice describing sensuous things. Of course, with her gift, she could make one want to eat liver 6 times a day, if she wrote a poem of it. This is a companion poem, if you will. A side by side account of the same event. In biblical terms, her’s is Michele’s Gospel and mine is Steve’s. :) Sometimes her poems strike a harmonic chord in me and off I go. At those times, the words splash out so fast, it’s difficult to get out of the way. I hope she likes my version of her own inspiration.


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