Sanity of a SAHM, WAHM, teetering between the lines of sanity

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Key: SAHM = Stay at home mom WAHM= Work at home mom

The other night, my husband and oldest son were in the living room with me. I was talking about some work issues I had and since I work at home doing freelance writing it was about some of the successes that I had recently had. I wanted to share with them how I was feeling about the success I was experiencing since our two cats, Josie and Jasper could really care less about how much work I accomplished. For the cats, working means I was not available for belly and neck scratching and that is a sore subject for them.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, hubby and son were not as thrilled as I was. This was rather upsetting to me as they are two of the three human support system that I had in the house. Well, after a discussion of positive versus negative comments and support and we all calmed down (ok, it was a heated discussion) I was able to explain how their not so positive comments hurt. I thought they would be pleased at my successes as my successes relate to income coming in. They had both seen what could be and focused on what could be instead of what is.

So how does that cause me to teeter between the lines of sanity? It is simple. SAHM and WAHMs often find themselves at home more by themselves than other mothers and crave interaction. They crave adult interaction. They want to have someone see them as the person who is living a dream but a difficult dream. A dream that may be more difficult than the work at a workplace mom may have.

How so? A SAHM or WAHM has to divide her time up very carefully. She has to be able to complete the necessary tasks for keeping home, working at home, child care and personal time all in the same location. A work outside of the home has opportunities during the work hours to socialize, run personal errands and not have to care for children. Day care of school will accomplish that. A work outside of the home mom has more leverage to encourage their family members to take on some of the house work as they are out of the home 40+ hours a week. A stay at home mom is expected to constantly be doing housework, cooking great meals, working at home, caring for the children, and everything else.

It really is an educational experience for me and the rest of the family. I need to educate the family on the rules of the house from a WAHM standpoint. Then I can stand firm on the right side of insanity.

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