Santa Came By Florida Last Night

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Since we don’t have a chimney the boys discussed how Santa would make his way into our home. After discussion several different options, they came to the conclusion that Santa must have come in through the central air conditioning system, so I guess it is a good thing we have the A/C off.


The boys were very happy to see that Santa did in fact come by last night. My three-year-old declared “See Mommy, I have been a good boy!” I guess he had actually been a bit doubtful.

I’m happy to say that Santa is very much alive at our house, but I fear that this is the last year that my oldest son is a believer.

He already told me that some of the kids at school had told him that Santa did not exist, but he definitely did not believe them (This year).

The boys did find out that Santa doesn’t like soy milk, so they have decided to put out the cow milk next year, but the cookies were almost gone.


The boys opened the presents in their stockings this morning, but the once under the tree will have to wait until this even after Christmas Eve dinner and dancing around the Christmas tree.


We are about to make Sugar cookies, and then it is time to start cooking for tonight.

Did your presents arrive under the tree yet?

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!



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