Santorum’s Campaign Has Finally Reached the End of the Road

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Rick Santorum announced earlier today that he is suspending his presidential campaign. He did not endorse his rival, Mitt Romney, even though Romney is the likely Republican nominee. He did vow to help Republicans defeat Barack Obama and win in the Senate.

The former Pennsylvania Senator leaves the race prior to April 24, the date of the Pennsylvania primary. His daughter was also hospitalized over the weekend. He is able to be a good parent and avoid the embarrassment of a loss in his home state by leaving the race today.

He calls his relative success in this presidential race a “miracle” and says “this fight is far from over”. It seems as though the evangelical candidate is going to have a tough time saying anything nice about his former running mates in the coming weeks.

Romney will have an estimated 645 of the required 1,144 delegates. Santorum leaves behind 252 delegates. If Gingrich can pick up all of those and take all of Ron Paul’s delegates, he would have a total of 425. Still not enough to eek out a win over Romney before the convention.

Is there any way for Gingrich to use this to his advantage to make one of his infamous last-minute surges?

The sweater vest can go in the closet till 2016. Bye-bye, Ricky.

Rick Santorum

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