Sapient Wringer From Ahmadinejad

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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted the United States will collapse due to its massive debt. Addressing the Kuwaiti media, he asked, “How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” This is a question many Americans wish would be contemplated in the presidential debates. Neither candidate is serious at all about paying off the debt; they won’t even balance the budget, which would be a start in the right direction.

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The Iranian President continued his analysis, “The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.” How many times have Obama or Romney referred to the “pseudo-wealth” in the United States? Instead, all these stooges do is raise the debt ceiling indefinitely, pretending debt does not matter. This is the all-important issue Libertarian candidate Governor Johnson would raise in the debate. But imagining Johnson in the third debate is like imagining Ahmadinejad in the third debate – not going to happen. That actually sound reinvigorating: Ahmadinejad could add that fiscally responsible touch to the third presidential debate.

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