Sara Leal Comes Out of Hiding in a Belly Shirt (Photo)

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Sara Leal, the “Femme Fatale” at the center of the Demi Moore / Ashton Kutcher divorce rumors story, surfaced in Newport Beach, CA on Monday as she ran errands around town.

Although she’s being described as “looking somber” and attempting to hide her face from the camera, she was dressed in a very fetching belly blouse and hip-hugger jeans which accentuated her pretty figure.

News reports indicate she’s been huddled with a lawyer for the last week, trying to negotiate a big payday for telling, or not telling, her side of the alleged fling she had two weeks ago with the Two and a Half Men TV star.

The Daily Mail published photos of Sara Leal as she went about her business, and also a shot of the outdoor hot tub at the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego where the alleged tryst with Kutcher heated up before retiring to a bedroom inside the suite.

New developments in the story have a close friend of Leal dishing dirt on her lifestyle before she became notorious, and the details, if true, are not very flattering. They include reports that Leal is “heavily into the club scene” and has been part of a caravan of pretty girls limo-ed out to hotspots as playthings for rich guys.

So far though, Sara Leal has yet to make any public statements about the truth of these rumors. Last weekend Moore and Kutcher were spotted at a Kaballah ceremony in LA and wearing their wedding rings.

Stay tuned…

Allegations: Leal is reported to have spent the night with Ashton Kutcher in San Diego

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail

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