Sarah Alarid Fought with Boyfriend

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Santa Clarita woman Sarah Alarid remains missing amid new revelations that she was last seen arguing with a former boyfriend. These new details aren’t being discussed much in media reports, which is a curiosity considering this could be a vital piece of the puzzle. Statistically speaking, women are more often injured by someone they are intimate with than by a stranger—so when a woman vanishes directly after fighting with an intimate, this raises red flags.

Dozens of the woman’s loved ones held a search party for her on Sunday with no success. Neither Sarah or her silver Ford Focus have been located. It’s been since the early morning hours of New Year’s Day that she was last seen leaving, alone, after arguing with “a former boyfriend.” Since he wasn’t with her, that might eliminate him as being of any interest to this case—unless he followed shortly after she left, or if they fought over the phone and she left to meet him somewhere. You see, there are just not any easy-to-find details about the night she vanished. It would be nice to see some answers.

A Facebook page has been set up by the family of Sarah Alarid in hopes of getting awareness out about her disappearance. They are ‘friending’ everyone they can who wants to share the flyers of the missing woman. In the meantime, searches for her continue but there aren’t any investigative updates. Officials haven’t acknowledged whether or not any evidence has been found in the search for this young woman, nor have any officials acknowledged whether or not any of her boyfriends have been questioned.

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