Sarah Ferguson Dishes on Royal Wedding Slight

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Sarah Ferguson talks for the first time about the Royal Wedding and her hurt feelings at not being on the invitation list. Fergie’s daughters were there—Princesses Beatrice, 22, and Eugenie, 21—wearing headline-grabbing designer hats. Her ex-husband Prince Andrew was there—uncle of the groom, escorting his striking daughters—but Sarah Ferguson was not among the chosen, and she felt disappointed, reports Mail Online. One reason—she married her own prince, right there in Westminster Abbey, in 1986.

This personal slight is not a surprise, really. At heart, the Royal Wedding was a family affair. Divorce hacks ugly holes in family get-togethers, even when the people involved are not celebrities. The unpleasantness must be even bigger for royals.

Then there was the small matter of scandal, when Sarah Ferguson—in financial difficulties and feeling desperate—offered to sell “access” to Prince Andrew for three quarters of a million dollars. She was caught on tape, making the offer. The Palace does not easily forget or forgive that sort of embarrassment, and Fergie’s chances of scoring a Royal Wedding invitation, already low, must have hit sub-zero. Lower than sub-zero.

And as Sarah Ferguson told Oprah Winfrey, the snub made sense. “Why would they invite me?” she had already asked herself. “I felt I had ostracized myself by my behavior.”

Still, it would have been fun to be there with her daughters, helping them plan for the event, helping them dress. She could have done that much, but instead, she left for Thailand and watched the ceremony from there. “I… beat myself up,” most of the day, she said, regretting past mistakes. She’s certainly not the first person to do that.

But Sarah Ferguson did not miss the Royal Wedding entirely. She and her ex, Prince Andrew, are in frequent communication, and they talked—or texted—more than once on the big day. “We were talking all morning, and he was saying, ‘It’s okay. Just remember we had such a good day. Our wedding was so perfect.'” It’s great when a divorced couple can share. So often, they can’t.

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