Sarah Ferguson embarassing scandal – The Duchess of York accepts money for access

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Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, is involved in a scandal! Apparently Fergie arranged to be paid 500,000 pounds in payment for access to her former husband, Prince Andrew. The entire incident was caught on tape.

Sarah Ferguson was caught on tape by Mazher Mahmood, and investigative editor at News of the World who has targeted Britain‘s royal family before. She accepted the money claiming she would ‘open doors’ for meetings with Prince Andrew and help win lucrative deals.

Since being caught, Fergie, has apologized and admitted to a ‘serious lapse’ in judgment over the incident. Sarah Ferguson has admitted that she is experiencing financial difficulty right now. The Prince was not aware of the promises made by his ex-wife.

The Duchess and the Prince have a happy divorce. In fact, she has said that the two are ‘the happiest divorced couple in the world.’ She has been followed by financial problems for years, and last month she had legal action threatened against her over a 100,000 pound bill she hadn’t paid. Her US company is also expected to close soon with debts of near $1 million.

With all the endorsements she has, I can’t imagine what she has done with all the money? Do you think that somebody has taken advantage of her or that she has simply lived beyond her means all these years?

Source: ABC News

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