Sarah Ferguson on Royal Wedding Guest List

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Sarah Ferguson has made the guest list for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. It was rumored shortly after word of the official announcement broke that she wouldn’t be invited to the wedding.

According to MSNBC, Prince William is very much “his own man,” and will comprise his side of the guest list based on what he feels is right, and upon whom he wants to see at his own wedding. People should be mindful of the fact that Fergie and the late Princess Diana were once very close friends.

Another issue at hand regarding the invitation is that Sarah Ferguson’s daughters are Prince William’s cousins, and while it certainly wouldn’t be out of the question it could definitely be awkward if they were invited, along with Prince Andrew, but Fergie was left out.

Sarah Ferguson was in the news just about eight months ago for attempting to sell out her ex-husband Prince Andrew, and some of his business information to a British tabloid. Ferguson had been in severe financial distress and a bit emotionally unstable at the time. Prince William is clearly making a statement by including her on his wedding guest list that he still considers her family.

Fergie has always been treated as a bit of an outsider and never felt she quite lived up to royal expectations. Of course Princess Diana experienced many of those same feelings while married to Prince Charles. The emotional toll marrying into a family of royals takes on the newcomer has got to be incredible. Hopefully Kate Middleton is made of strong stock emotionally, as she will no doubt need it once marrying the prince.

It’s actually quite admirable that Prince William is including Sarah Ferguson on his guest list. It shows he has the good graces to overlook both the Queen’s and the public’s opinions and do what he deems right for himself and his princess.


Sarah Ferguson

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