Sarah Ferguson tells Oprah she was drunk and speaks of herself in third person (Video)

Sarah Ferguson was interviewed today on the Oprah Winfrey Show about the sting whereby Sarah Ferguson sold access to Prince Andrew for $724,000.  The Duchess of York claims she was trying to help out a friend who is divorcing, and he wanted help with his marriage.

She piled lie on lie, and claimed she was drunk, referred to herself in the third person, and tried to paint Sarah Ferguson as a victim who had lost her mother and her best friend, Diana, at the same time.

She in no way took responsibility for her actions and even tried to evoke the ghost of Princess Diana by calling her her best friend.

The whole interview was bizarre, and one has to give Oprah Winfrey credit for not busting out laughing for it was laughable albeit tragic.

Claiming she is deeply in debt and need of money, is no excuse for who doesn’t need money, but no one sells access to their children’s father.  Sarah Ferguson has been in trouble before, but if this sting video were not her lowest moment, she compounded it by making excuses for her actions instead of saying sorry.

The Queen has said she may strip Sarah Ferguson of her title, Duchess of York, and it should be quickly before Sarah Ferguson damages the monarchy anymore than she has.

File photo of the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson in Los Angeles

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