Sarah Ferguson’s 9/11 Book Rejected: “Insulting” to Americans

Sarah Ferguson’s 9/11 book, The Little Pear Tree, has been rejected by at least three publishers. At least that’s what the Daily Mail is reporting. Apparently, publishers didn’t think the fictional book intended for children would go over well with Americans. Now, Ferguson will be publishing her book by herself online with the proceeds going to charity.

It’s unfortunate to think that publishers give Americans so little credit. Ferguson’s 9/11 book was based on “a pear tree near the Twin Towers had its branches stripped during the attack. Workers brought it back to life as a symbol of hope.”

However, there’s now little hope for Sarah’s writing to be turned into an actual book. A source stated, “The Duchess got her people to contact at least three publishers but none showed any interest because the Americans regard works of fiction about 9/11 as insulting.”

The Little Pear Tree seems more like it will be an inspirational book meant to give children hope in light of the tragic events of September 11. However, it is difficult to say without reading it all the way through. Perhaps, after it is published online, one will get a clearer picture about whether or not the editors were right when they turned it down.

Unfortunately, Sarah Ferguson had hoped to give a physical copy of her 9/11 book to President Barack Obama in September during the premiere opening of the Ground Zero Museum in New York City. That doesn’t look like it will be happening anymore. However, maybe she can send him a virtual copy online once her ebook gets published. It’s better than nothing, right?

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