Sarah Palin Blasting Christina Aguilera Was a False Story After All

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Any Sarah Palin criticism of Christina Aguilera you heard was a false story, it turned out. And Us Weekly rose straight for the bait of a satirical website. Guess religious fundamentalists aren’t the only ones who get fooled.

sarah palin christina aguilera false story,sarah palin blasts christina aguilera,supertuesdaynews,sarah palin christina aguilera,sarah palin,christina aguileraYesterday, Us Magazine posted a report that Palin took on Aguilera over her flubbing the lyrics to the national anthem at the start of the Super Bowl on Sunday. As it turns out, a fake news website called SuperTuesdayNews was the sole source.

Us Magazine believing the false story about Sarah Palin slamming Christina Aguilera proves they don’t pay much attention to politics. It’s a celebrity news source, so it can be excused on that point.

But when the story had Palin saying, “I’m sure Ms. Aguilera is a very nice person, but I just think the American people deserve better than a demanding beauty queen who’s clearly in over her head,” anyone who follows the rest of the news would’ve seen echoes of anti-Palin remarks in that sentence. Or maybe checked SuperTuesdayNews’ footer.

The Huffington Post notes that Us Magazine has deleted the Sarah Palin/Christina Aguilera false story from its site. The shame its editorial board must feel for allowing such a failure to happen will likely remain for some time.

SuperTuesdayNews’ writers, on the other hand, are probably quite pleased with the situation. Their hits are sure to spike for a little while thanks to Us Magazine.

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