Sarah Palin Bus Tour Evades Media

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Is the Sarah Palin bus avoiding the media out of fear? Or does she make a valid point that the media too often twists a candidate’s words? Why does she neglect to tell the media if she’s running for president?

For many Americans, the answers to these questions correlate directly to which party he or she votes. However, regardless of a person’s political affiliation, a little common sense can solve the riddle of the Pandora’s box that is the Sarah Palin bus tour.

Palin Afraid of the Media?

The power of the media does scare Sarah Palin. She does not let the media know where the Palin bus tour heads next. She claims to travel mysteriously because advanced notice of her travels would disrupt the vacations of Americans, CBS News reports. Unless the only Americans she refers to are herself and her companions, this looks like a silly excuse. So, why does she avoid mainstream media?

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Her responses to questions have been historically, well, bad. Is this due to the editing of liberal media or her lack of preparation? This is another matter of party affiliation. The reds like her spunk, fire, and humor. The blues hate her lack of seriousness in her whimsical affairs.

Is it Okay to Mislead and Avoid the Media?

Public opinion rules elections, only a handful of people get to see presidential candidates without the filter of the media. Palin wants to build up the mystery behind her “One Nation” tour by simply showing up at places and by not announcing her candidacy. CBS News Producer Ryan Corsaro thinks her actions are dangerous stunts that cause media to have to caravan behind her tour. Driving is dangerous, in all contexts, but everyone with a license has followed a friend before. How hard could it be to follow a bus with a huge bill of rights painted on it? This too is a silly excuse.

The major issue remains that Sarah Palin want to represent herself only through her own media: Twitter, Facebook, reality tv, and Fox News. This is her decision. She has the right to try to avoid misrepresentation via the media. She does run the risk of upsetting major media outlets, however, with every choice there are consequences. Eventually, if she is serious about running for president, there will be no escaping any media. If she wins the Republican nomination, every point of view will receive coverage.

Running for President?

Although she has not officially declared herself a candidate, her unofficial campaigning is exactly how she plans to run. Early in every election, a favorite candidate gets over-scrutinized and fizzes out too early. Her strategy since 2008 has been to portray herself as charismatic, care-free, and confident. Fishing alongside bears on TV, having her daughter compete on Dancing with the Stars, and beginning the Palin bus tour on the back of a Harley speak to this strategy. She is doing everything in her power to run, including not saying if she is running or not. If support arises, she’s in. If it doesn’t, she never was running.

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