Sarah Palin Complains about DNC Joke

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Sarah Palin should be used to being a punchline by now, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to milk the attention for all it’s worth. Now she’s firing back at John Kerry’s joke involving her ‘seeing Russia from her backyard’ during the DNC. Oh Sarah, do you need a tissue?

John Kerry may have the charisma of a zombie, but his DNC speech was one of the high points of the entire event, especially better than his own speeches when he ran for president. He got quite a round of laughter when he made the following joke:

“Folks, Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from Alaska. Mitt Romney talks like he’s only seen Russia by watching Rocky IV.”

Of course this joke was a dig at the ditsy-headed Palin’s so-called knowledge of geography, with a jab at Mitt Romney for making an ass of himself while visiting the UK and other overseas regions. Always the punchline and never the VP, Sarah Palin dug herself deeper by firing back with this comment:

“I think he diminished himself by even mentioning my name. How does he know my name? I mean, aren’t these guys supposed to be these big-wig elites who don’t waste their time on the little people like me? Yeah, I did say that in Alaska you can see Russia from our land base. I was making the point that we are strategically located on the globe. And when it comes to transportation, corridors and resources, and the resources that are shared and fought over, Alaska—and I as governor—had known what I was doing in dealing with international issues that had to do with our resources that could help secure our nation. So it is funny he would take a pot shot like that, but it’s funny he even knows my name.”

Well boo-freaking-hoo. It’s obvious that Momma Grizzly took Kerry’s comment about her a little too seriously, and felt the need to try to cover for her lame-brained comments from four years ago. Maybe she just needs more attention, but it seems like she didn’t get the joke or she wanted to make stink about it just to hear her own neck rattle on Fox News.

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