Sarah Palin Dissed by Fox News Chief

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Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, spoke at the University of North Carolina to a group of journalism students last week. He said during that speech that “Sarah Palin had no chance of being president”. Can you believe that someone at Fox News is speaking ill of a ratings-maker like Palin?

This isn’t the first time Ailes has spoken in a derogatory manner about Palin. He said in 2011 that he hired her because she was “hot and got ratings“. He also called her “dumb” and an “idiot”, according to an anonymous source close to Ailes.

Palin isn’t going to take this laying down. She has fired back in an interview with where she asks the interviewer to send a copy of The Undefeated to Ailes. The film is a documentary about Sarah Palin’s life. As if the world needed more of the same information that was spewed during the 2008 campaign, that has been published in her books, and revealed during her reality TV shows. It’s a bit redundant at this point.

Why isn’t she leaving Fox or at least taking issue with the sexism at Fox? Fox always has some pretty bimbo thrown in the mix, apparently for ratings from their small-minded viewers.

To make peace, Ailes clarified his statement as saying that when he hired his Republican commentators, none had any possibility of becoming president at that time. He goes on to give her false hope by saying she’s young and that “nobody can predict the future”.

America can only hope that this is a sign that Palin’s rhetoric is fading and losing ground with anyone of relative intelligence. Until then, Republicans will continue to talk about Palin’s good looks and empty head.

Not Sarah Palin!

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