Sarah Palin Documentary ‘Undefeated’ Hits “Pay” TV, Bombs at “Box”

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Undefeated, the Sarah Palin documentary bombed at the box office, and is making a run for pay-per-view television. After a less than expected start, the film hits the On-Demand markets of cable and satellite networks.

As the adage says, “What goes up comes down.” Fair enough, but by Hollywood standards, what goes down, goes to pay-per-view television.

It’s no different from a writer’s manuscript being relegated to the slush pile of literary wannabes. Just call it “the little train that could not.”

Sarah Palin Kuwait 19According to the Moderate Voice, Undefeated should carry a new handle of – say – defeated, as this is one campaign for the Tea Party erstwhile VP candidate that “fizzled out.”

Like every State of the Union Address that gives America the obligatory “clean bill of health,” so too are backers of the Sarah Palin documentary giving it the proverbial thumbs up.

ARC Entertainment reports the documentary, that shows Sarah Palin’s career pre and post GOP run with presidential candidate John McCain is hitting pay-per-view, cable and DVD on September 1.

‘Memba them? ARC is the company behind the release of viral video tween Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. If Palin’s luck with Undefeated follows the same route as Black’s sensational run, it could score a big victory for any disguised presidential 2012 bid.

According to an LA Times blog, the former Alaskan governor is preoccupied with jury duty commitments. It is uncertain if this is why she has not formally launched a campaign to upstage President Obama in the next term.

This could all change if a trial does not pan out. By all estimates, political pundits are wagering on the ex-governor in announcing her entry into the race around the Labor Day holiday.

When the Sarah Palin documentary hits the pay-per-view segments, the tables may turn against the field of candidates for the GOP nomination. On-Demand and cable has traditionally rewarded bad behavior at the box office.

Will you fork out the greenbacks for the Undefeated DVD or pay-per-view showing?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons [Palin in Kuwait, 2007]

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