Sarah Palin Endorsed Republican – Vaughn Ward Plagiarizes Obama’s 2004 DNC Speech (VIDEO)

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A Sarah Palin-Backed, Tea Party Republican candidate running in Idaho’s first district primary, has been called quite a few things. “Original” is not one of them. Along with supposedly “cribbing” his own political positions from other candidate’s websites, Vaughn Ward, has made the dumbest mistake of plagiarizing one of the most recognizable speeches in recent history.

Some say he borrowed, or some other silly excuse for the similarities, but I have to call BS. It is almost word for word. Plus, just in case anyone decides to ignore this fact, why would a Republican want to mirror the words of a Democrat? Is it that Barack Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention was good? Well, we all have to agree that it was great! I just don’t see how he could tell himself that this was OK.

I’ll let his most recent comments speak for himself.

From the WashingtonMonthly:

What’s more, Ward seems to keep running into trouble. Last week, he was asked in a debate whether he would vote in Congress to support Puerto Rican statehood, Ward said he opposes “extending statehood to some, to any other country,” adding that he doesn’t care “what country … wants to become part of America.” Told that Puerto Rico is an American territory, not a foreign country, Ward said, “I really don’t care what it is.”

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