Sarah Palin Has No Chance of 2012 Presidency

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A recent poll has indicated that Sarah Palin has lost her popularity immensely among potential American voters. In fact, her popularity has dwindled so low, she couldn’t be nominated to run if she wanted to. Could this be due to the fact that she purposely gave her blood libel speech against the better advice of her lawyers and Fox News CEO? Could it be because the attempted assassination of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords turned people off to her backwoods rhetoric?

Sources report Palin’s approval numbers decreased by nearly 20 percent among GOP supporters and more than 25 percent with right-leaning independents. People in her own party affiliation are sick-to-the-teeth of Sarah Palin and it shows. It isn’t entirely clear as to why Sarah’s approval ratings have tanked, but what is known is that Mike Huckabee is far more favored than she, polls say.

Perhaps it’s best for Sarah to stick to reality entertainment. Maybe her and Kathy Griffin can tour on the road together?


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