Sarah Palin Has Polka Dot Nails! Presidential or Plain Silly?

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Sarah Palin is bucking tradition, but what else is new? This time, the former Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor has a rather interesting new beauty trend she’s showing off — polka dot nails!

Palin is no stranger to the classic and perfect French manicure, which ironically showed up frequently during her short-lived TLC reality gig, even as she was roughing it in the wilderness on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. But, this time, it’s her toes that are doing the talking and they are screaming black and white polka dots.

Cameras caught Palin’s funky pedicure while she was in Iowa for the State Fair last weekend, just as the GOP debates and straw poll were wrapping up. Although she has not declared her place in the presidential race, Sarah Palin is still making the political rounds.

So, did Palin’s nail her latest look or is it just plain silly? Hollywood Life, for one, thinks the polka dots have to go — now — saying that the only thing they show is that Sarah Palin has the “same maturity level as a 10-year-old.” Harsh. But, while the black-and-white may read a bit immature, she wore it right by keeping her manicure plain and natural. Plus, she was at the Iowa State Fair. No better time to have a bit of fun.

However, maybe next time, she should go for a red and white design to show her political solidarity.

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