Sarah Palin Is Tongue-Tied

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I'm still trying to believe Sarah Palin is a candidate in the Presidential election.  With McCain's age in mind, imagine this woman running our country?  It's an alarming thought since she never had a passport before and doesn't even know how to effectively debate. 

Now it seems Sarah is in a 'debate camp' to prepare for her debate on Thursday against Joe Biden.  Apparently the debate was McCain's idea, perhaps a modern day boot camp for this inexperienced running mate who seems unable to effectively answer questions or convey relevant information.

Of course excuses are already being made about all candidates going to debate camp.  I certainly don't see Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama acting tongue-tied and afraid of the press.  On the other hand, Sarah Palin seems perfectly comfortable in her element – appearing on the cover of Vogue.  But does that make her a viable candidate for a presidential election or just another distracting poster child for the wealthy in government to execute their master plans over our society at our expense?

Palin did comment about the upcoming debate, stating at a Columbus Ohio rally, "So I guess it's my turn now, and I do look forward to Thursday night.  I'm looking forward to meeting him, too. I never met him, but I've been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, second grade."

"Since I was like…"  Such immature statements sound like a high school girl, making it clear that Sarah needs a lot more than a couple of days at debate camp to effectively run our nation.

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