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As the entire United States knows, Sarah Palin had an interview on Oprah yesterday, Nov. 16 to promote her book Going Rogue: An American Life. There were a lot of questions from Oprah that much of America was also asking, and Palin gave answers – many vague answers.

I have to say, though, that as much as I dislike Sarah Palin and almost all that she stands for politically – and her lack of knowledge based on her campaign run – I was happy to see her at the beginning of this interview. Something about her is somewhat appealing here: she looks fresh and beautiful and relaxed; I feel like there is less of a facade. An interview with Oprah is much more tolerable than a political debate. And it also doesn’t hurt that Palin isn’t running for office; she’s got less power here. She’s just selling a book now.

  • Palin on protecting her family from the press: “I wasn’t given that privilege of being able to protect my kids, my family.. there was a double standard there.” I feel that this is an incredibly naive statement from Palin – all families in a campaign run are constantly being watched and attacked by the press. Obama’s kids had beanie babies made for them (allegedly, as the names were different and the company denied it); your situation was no different except that your daughter had terrible timing to have unprotected sex. With an idiot.
  • Here, Palin questions the “dressing up” of herself and her entire family for the two-day convention. Why didn’t you see this coming? As a politician, image is everything. You have to be the true “American” family and hold hands and smile and wear nice clothes. That’s politics, and you still don’t seem to understand it.
  • Palin on Levi Johnston: “I don’t want to comment on it..” and yet she comments on Levi leading a sad life as a teenager and that he will realize it later in life. She then refers to the child repeatedly and how Bristol is being an incredible mother by pursuing a college education – a totally political answer. Changing the subject and placing a positive – and referential – remark on a very negative subject. “She is saying girls your entire future will change..” She isn’t saying anything; you are. Palin again is trying too hard to appeal to the conservative, American public. She’s giving her viewpoint on how teenage pregnancy because she needs to defend herself and her political standpoint – for possible future re-election?
  • We then visit Palin in her home in Alaska and see what she means when she stated earlier that her family is a “normal, American family”. They are a family who celebrates Halloween together and make costumes and caramel apples. It’s pathetic and such a cry for recognition by the conservative public. Family holidays, hoorah!
  • Palin on not being able to speak at the loss of the election: I wish she would elaborate more on this and her disappointment, but I do love her statement of “United we stand.” I’m not sure if I totally believe that she would have said this at the time; this campaign had so much backlash between the parties (from McCain especially) that I don’t really believe she was thinking this statement at the time.
  • On running in 2012: “I’m focusing on 2010. 2012.. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing… [Running for President] is not on my radar screen right now.” Please, Palin, don’t embarrass yourself again.

I’m not a fan of Palin’s political views, but I want to like her in this interview because of the context. This isn’t a political campaign – although she answers many of the questions like so – but a relaxed interview with another incredibly powerful woman. She has the appearance of a “normal” mom, but she gives answers like a politician. There’s so much displacement that exists here that I cannot make up my mind if I really feel like this interview was at all enlightening.

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