Sarah Palin: Politics of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

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Who may be campaigning for a presidential nomination in a very innovative way?

Yes, that would be Sarah Palin, who has apparently made politics an underlying message in a reality show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The new TLC show premiered tonight and after watching, many sources have taken to  thinking this introduction to the 49th state is not simply a beautifully shot travelogue.

For instance, the headline on a CBS story just out says “Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Politics Lurk Beneath the Surface in TLC Show.”

The article reports that “…while the show appears geared more toward remaking Palin’s image than in showcasing her policy positions, the first episode is not entirely lacking in her characteristic political commentary.”

Then the story continues to describe a situation with journalist Joe McGinniss — and it wasn’t complimentary.

Suffice to say that some asides on the new show were ripe with political leanings while other aspects were more subtle (aka subliminal) but with the same effect. In a way, the state of Alaska played a role that was at times upstaged by other matters of a political nature.

Did you see Sarah Palin tonight? Do you think politics were prevalent in the premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Thoughts? Thanks.

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