Sarah Palin Rebukes Teamsters’ Hoffa’s Comments as ‘Thuggery’

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An undecided Sarah Palin chided the SOB comments of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa. The former Alaskan governor pointed to his “thuggery” and the lack of admonishment from Barack Obama.

She has not committed to running for the GOP nomination for president in the 2012 elections, but she is not holding back in appearing like a candidate. It’s the best way to test the waters without diving in. Just call it the “try it before you buy it” approach.Sarah Palin

In a show of Tea Party loyalty, Sarah Palin did what she said the Commander-In-Chief should have done in the wake of the toxic comments by Jimmy Hoffa, when he suggested voters “take these sons of bitches out” in reference to tea partiers.

Palin quickly rebuked the comments and dismissed them as “thuggery” in the face of partisan politics, and suggested that union workers, the voting public, and President Barack Obama part company with the lack of civility rhetoric.

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh dug up the usual conspiracy theories in the same way Glenn Beck does. He even hinted that Obama “suggested” the Jimmy Hoffa comments to the union leader.

But here is where the American people must separate rhetoric from ideology and beliefs. Certainly, Jimmy Hoffa is not suggesting that Americans bear arms and use violence or guerilla warfare against the Tea Party.

But during election years, politicians hang on to every word and past involvement of a candidate, especially one who is a front-runner.

For example, Ron Paul tied Rick Perry to Al Gore in a 2012 campaign ad. Here, he suggests that the surging GOP candidate supported the former vice president in unseating Ronald Reagan in 1988. Well, so if he did?

So Sarah Palin’s attempt to chastise Jimmy Hoffa for his SOB comments does nothing to derail Obama’s chances for re-election. It’s just the expected course of strategy as each party jousts for center stage.

Was it a “bitch slap,” as one site said? Perhaps it was, but that’s politics, especially during election years.

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