Sarah Palin Ridicules Michelle Obama about Breastfeeding

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Sarah Palin socked it to First Lady Michelle Obama during a speech at a Long Island country club. The topic of ridicule? Breastfeeding, of all things.

Palin joked, “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need to breastfeed your babies… the price of milk is so high.”

Mrs. Obama had recently stated, “Kids who are breastfed longer have a lower tendency to be obese,” as she’s taken on the war against obesity in the country. Palin’s breastfeeding bashing was apparently her response to this statement from the First Lady.

Sarah Palin was obviously just poking fun at her political rivals, but was her remark kosher? It seems perhaps a bit insensitive and ill-advised to put a negative spin on breastfeeding, just to play the politics game. After all, Palin is a mother herself who certainly must be aware of the scientifically proven benefits for babies and moms alike.

ItÂ’s not the first time, though, that Sarah Palin has taken issue with Michelle Obama. On her TLC reality TV show, Sarah PalinÂ’s Alaska, the former governor mocked Michelle’s discouragement of dessert indulgences.

Dessert or no dessert, Sarah definitely isn’t showing her sweet side when it comes to Michelle Obama.

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