Sarah Palin Scared to Run for President

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Sarah Palin isn’t the most hated woman in America since Casey Anthony stole that slot, but she isn’t well-liked that’s for sure. In fact, she knows she isn’t favored but blames the media. She blames the media so much in fact, that she is too afraid to run for president because of it. Isn’t that even more proof that she is simply too weak to be the leader of an entire country?

Sarah Palin told Sky News that she fears the media will attack her and her family if she does. Well talk about having a backbone made of jelly! However, she is still galavanting around in a tour bus and showed up in Ohio. She’s no doubt fickle, not knowing whether or not she should stick to reality television or politics. Like Mercede Johnston says, the woman quit before she could even finish her term as Alaskan governor, so who would want a leader like that?

It’s probably harder for her to run anyway, since her daughter Bristol Palin is making a reality TV name out of herself. The plastic-surgery-faced daughter of Sarah Palin just released a ghost-written memoir and is starring in a barely-talked-about reality series about her and her son.

So, would you be scared of the media if you were Sarah? Considering she’s been caught publicly downgrading teachers, among other distasteful things, it’s understandable that she’d hate the media. Sarah, honey, there is no reason to fear the media unless you make a habit of making yourself look stupid. Enough said.

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